A day in Aosta

Saturday morning we took the train to Aosta. This is one of my favorite towns because it is so small and quaint. Aosta is located in Valle d’Aosta, 110 km North-west of Torino. Because of it’s location, Aosta is a bilingual city and almost all locals speak Italian and French.

on the metro going to the train station

at Porta Susa

my dad was so excited to be on a train
as soon as the train started moving, he got up
and stood next to the window so he could look out and take pictures

not bad for his first time using a digital camera and
on a moving train!

2 hours later, we arrived in Aosta to a very beautiful sunny day! Carlo found the nearest fountain and filled up his borraccia with fresh, clean, cold, mountain water.

My dad was so happy and excited that he kept asking my mom to take pictures of him and then wanted to take pictures of her too.

at a park near the train station
on the main street leading us to the Piazza

in centro (downtown)
i took a picture of my mom taking a picture

It’s always nice wheneverone has their own camera and can take whatever picture they want. So, while my parents were walking around taking these pictures….

Carlo and I were taking this picture…..

I was a bit surprised to see this lady begging for money. Aosta isn’t a major tourist trap so, I didn’t expect to see this.

flower shop

i think i need this in my bathroom

As we walked down the street, I saw a few people going into one and taking pictures. Once I got there I saw this really pretty set up so, we took pictures too.
As much as I like art, the only reason I took this picture…..

was so that this lady didn’t know I was really trying to take a picture of her…..

After having our picnic lunch, we finally went into my favorite place…..

the REAL reason I love Aosta!

This shop makes the BEST Hot Chocolate and I’m sure they make really great cold chocolate, but I didn’t have any this time. I just settled for a jar of their chocolate spread and an orange flavored candy bar.

That was until I saw a Choco-chup and decided to get one….. and I’m glad I did. It was great. Chocolate and Nuts on the outside with more of the same on the inside.

I love how all of Italy (not just Aosta) make good use of their history, for example: This restaurant that has used this Roman gate.

I love how much history Aosta has but, I don’t think I’ve seen everything it has to offer. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back.

downtown Aosta


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