Coming home to Italy….with MORE VISITORS!

This week has been a little hectic for the fact that I came back home to Italy and this time, brought my parents with me for a 2 weeks stay. Since I’m posting this at 23.00 (11:00pm for you who don’t use the 24 hour clock), I’m going to try to be brief, but…. I can’t promise anything.

To start off , I’d like to talk about packing. I went to Texas 2 suitcases, a LARGE checked suitcase and a small red carry on. Now, I did say that I would go empty and come back full…. and I DID…..TOO FULL!!!!!

How in the world did I end up with 4 checked bags?? I look like a Diva with a suitcase for shoes, 1 for make up, 1 for accesories & etc… To be honest, I could have been ok except that the very LARGE purple suitcase get’s heavy even when it’s half empty. So, I had to use 2 extra ones to lighten the load of the LARGE one. So, 4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons and a purse. Yes… I even exceeded the limit for carry-ons! I bought this super cute bubble umbrella at Target and it didn’t fit in my suitcase and I really didn’t want to return it. So, Lufthansa said I could carry it on.

So, not only did I buy a lot of stuff, I had to find ways to pack it without a lot of damage. I give you… Exhibit A:

I bought some chocolates to give to the Doctors I used to work for. I put them in this box and they arrived safely. I wanted to bring the box back with me so, I put my spices that my mom gave me. It worked out great… except that myboxis broken now. OH WELL… At least I now have Lemon Pepper!!Exhibit B:

I have been looking all over Torino for rain boots. Yes.. we have them… Yes,…. they are super cute…. Yes.. I could have bought them here……BUT… I have really huge calves. So, everytime I try a pair on… they don’t fit and I wouldn’t be able to put my jeans into my boots. During my Target-Spree, I spotted these boots and tried them on……. AND THEY FIT GREAT! So, as I was packing, I made sure to put them to good use. After all, I WAS trying to save space.

They worked great for socks, tank tops, wet facial cloths, hair gel and even pajamas! So, All packed and ready to go! Our first flight was a little frightening. As we were taking off and trying to gain speed and altitude, the plane dipped a few times… enough to get that sinking feeling in your stomach (as if you were on a roller coaster) and to have people freak out and scream. NOT THE BEST SITUATION FOR SOMEONE WHO IS FLYING INTERNATIONAL FOR THE FIRST TIME…. AND IS AFRAID TO FLY!!! (talking about my dad) I guess it must have scared me too because I COULD NOT sleep the entire flight. (i usually do)

my parents and the plane we were on

Once we landed, half of the people on board were cheering and clapping.. I’m sure my dad would have done that too if he wasn’t ready to just get off the plane. The 2nd flightwasMUCHMUCH MUCH better. After what seemed like forever… We finally landed in Torino…. with 2 bags missing! Before leaving the airport I filed my claim with Lost and Found and we headed out with the other bags (3 ofmybags- my parents suitcase & my 4th one was left in Frankfurt) to the exit to get our Taxi.It was such a great feeling to finally be home andto be able to show my parents where and how I live. I immediately called Carlo to tell him we arrived. After he came home from work, we went to have dinner at MammaAdelasia’s house. The next day, our luggage arrived by 1 and then it was off to the store.My dad had mentioned that he didn’t want to be a tourist. He wanted to blend in as much as possible and get a feel for REAL Italian life. He wanted to see how people live, where they go after work, what do they do etc….

So, he was more than happy to pull “Gimi” home from the store so that I wouldn’t have to. I tried to have him imagine doing that in the rain or snow. I think he’s starting to get the picture. After resting for a while, we went into Centro (downtown) to buy train tickets and walk around. I wanted to go easy on them the first full day so, we walked down Via Garibaldi and into Piazza Castello. Having to take a bathroom break, we went into Palazzo Madama to look around AND THEN use their facilities.
This is my mom’s 2nd visit to Torino and even thought she knows that the floor is sturdy… she is still afraid to walk on the glass.

My dad loves history and watching documentaries. So, once he saw there was a screen with something playing… that’s where he wanted to be.

The steps inside Palazzo Madama

After the Palazzo, my mom wanted only 1 thing for lunch… a sliceofFocaccia! She loved it the last time she was hereandhas been thinking about it ever since I booked her tickets.

Dad also likethefocaccia but decided he liked mine better so he swapped his Prosciutto for the Spicy Salame I had. I didn’t want to tire them out so fast so, we head back to the Metro by walking down Via Roma towardsPortaNuova. Since this is my dad’s first time EVER in Italy, he was just in awe! The buildings, the food, the people.. everything.

Mom & Dad in Piazza San Carlo

Once we got home, I prepared our dinner while my parents rested. Dad had told Carlo that he couldn’t believe he was actually here in Italy. He then said…”I feel like I’m in another country”…. then realized what he said and laughed…”Well, yeah, I know I’m in another country.” He’s been so fascinated with just the everyday things like the fact my house is small or the colors of the walls. So far his favorite thing is to stand out on the balcony and just people watch. We ended our first full day with our usual Friday night meal and then going out for Gelato!

He loved the dinner and told my mom that he wanted her to start buying salame and prosciutto for their future meals. I am so happy to be home, with my husband and to have my parents here too.


2 thoughts on “Coming home to Italy….with MORE VISITORS!

  1. Sorry to disappoint your dad but as long as he walks around with your mom, he will look like a tourist! lol.. glad ya'll got there safely. sorry the first flight was so bad though!


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