Texas trip comes to an end

My 2 weeks back in Texas have gone by so fast. I’m glad I was able to come home for a visit. I was able to visit with my old co-workers & Doctors. I had dinner with some friends from High School and spent A LOT of time with my family. It feels like we’ve been doing so much that I haven’t had a chance to think about my trip back to Italia.

The majority of my tripwas spent waiting for Markus to get off the computer so I could Skype with Carlo and blog. If he’s not on the computer playing games, he’s watching the Disney channel.

I also spent some time with my sister’s kids. She and her husband had to go to Dallas so, I went to their house to babysit. It’s hard to believe that “my babies” are big now.

On my first day back, my parents and I were at Target and I ran into Jennifer there. She was also in town visiting her family. She suggested we a group together for dinner. A few days later, I was on Facebook and Matt sent me a messages saying that was going to be in town and wanted to get together. So, I sent out an invitation and there you go… our mini reunion! Cynthia moved to Waxahachie sometime during our Junior year of High School (i think), but the rest of us have been friends since the 6th grade. That’s what life is like in a small town.
Cynthia & Rebecca

J.W. is Rebecca & Matt’s son

Rami & her husband Mark

Rebecca, J.W. & Matt Dickson
Rebecca & Matt never dated in High School.
He kept asking her out and she kept saying No.
Once he came back from Egypt, he looked her up and they started dating.
A few weeks later, they were married.

After dinner, we stood in the parking lot of the restaurant and could see the fireworks from the Stadium.

Jennifer and her daughter Alison

Our group… Friends since the 6th grade!

After church on sunday, (July 5th)- After a busy weekend celebration, it’s time to relax… with more food, cake, & candy!
Isabel, Adrian, & Gabby

Me & Gabby

I never thought about putting Menudo* on my “must eat” list. So, when my dad was eating it for lunch, I couldn’t help but have some. It’s one of myfavoriate dishes.

*Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with tripe.

My dad loves classic cars. Always has, always will. So, he is currently restoring this one for AJ. AJ loves this car and begged my dad to let him drive it. So he did!

After lots of food, cake & ice cream, we still had to finish off the Watermelon.

My mom wanted a picture of all of the grandkids before they all left. My niece Mika gave my mom the shirt that she is wearing. It says, “Grand Mothers are Special”

Isabel loves to take pictures…and she loves to pose.
So, my dad wanted one more picture of her posing with AJ’s car.

It was such a fun trip… but I’m ready to go back home to Italy. I’m ready to sleep in my own bed, eat Gelato, see my husband but most of all….. I’m ready for my parents to see my new life!

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