Eat, Shop, & Eat

I apologize for not posting earlier but, things have been really busy here and I don’t have the most reliable Internet Connection, in fact, I’ve been trying to post this blog since Saturday morning and it’s just not getting done and because of that, this blog is going to include the entire weekend. So finally… here we go!
My first few days in Texas have been great! After spending time with my sister and her family, I went to my parents house to freshen up to go out for dinner.

my niece Ali

guest room at my parents house

We went to Cancun, a little Tex-Mex restaurant in Waxahachie. It’s been a long time (6 months) since I had some great food and I was definitely NOT disappointed.

Tacos de Barbacoa

not my actual plate but this is what i had

I know that I had said I didn’t want to eat alot of food and be miserable and hot… but I couldn’t help it… those Tacos were sooo good!! Friday, my mom and I headed to our favorite Dallas hotspot… NorthPark Center. Since my parents are going to be coming to Italy with me when I go back, my mom wanted to shop around for some stuff. We met my Aunt and Cousin for lunch and then did some more shopping.

Shopping in Europe is expensive, especially when you’re not working and have no money. So, I made sure that I came to Texas with an empty suitcase to fill up with all of my essentials. I think I’m off to a good start!
After what seemed like a long day, my mom and I met my sister and her family for dinner. (more food!) We went to a little BBQ joint in Midlothian and had these awesome Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

again, not my actual potato
Saturday was more of the same things… eating, shopping & eating some more. This time our journey took us to Arlington’s The Parks Mall where my mom, me and my nephew enjoyed one of the best things ever… Chik-Fil-A!

Now, having to walk all of this food off, we stayed at the Mall until about 4pm.. but not before having my Paciugo gelato!

the next best thing to gelato in Italy
I ended my evening hanging out with my niece who is one of my favorite people. We went out for Snow Cones and then had a pajama party.

My niece Mikaela and I

So far, this trip has been a lot of fun but, I really miss my hubby and Italy!

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