Deep in the heart of TEXAS!

Howdy Y’all

For the next 2 weeks, La Dolce Vita will be coming to you from The Republic of Texas*!

I left my home in Texas only 5- 1/2 months ago and I’ve missed the Tex-Mex food so much I have to go back!

2 weeks with out gelato and my husband… WHAT WILL I DO???

Well, these 2 weeks will be filled with…

1- delicious Mexican food made by my family!
2- 100 degree weather in the day and 70 degree weather at night
3- celebrating birthdays
4- celebrating the 4th of July
5- Doctors appointments
6- visits to my friends
7- shopping
8- having at least 1 gelato at Paciugo

One thing is certain…. I have to win the bet I made with my hubby. Living in Italy has been great and has certainly helped me. Since I have arrived, I have lost 17lbs. I have not been on a diet, or “watched” what I ate. I just walk everywhere and eat what I want.. in moderation. Therefore, the bet is… For every pound I gain, I owe Carlo 10 euros. For every pound I lose, he owes me 10 euros.

At this point, it is so much hotter in Texas than it is in Northern Italy, I think I’m going to be ok…. I mean.. who wants to eat and feel miserably full in the Texas heat?? NOT ME! Just give me a Cherry Snow cone & some watermelon and I’ll be happy!

Y’all enjoy this video… It’s one of my favorites!

And if you’re wondering if we really do this,
here’s another video.
(listen closely to the audience, you can hear them singing)

*between 1836-1845 Texas was an independent nation called the Republic of Texas.
In 1865, we joined the U.S.A.

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