Mercato Extravaganza

One of the best things about living in a large city is that there is always something to do. You just have to know where to look. Every couple of months, I go to the Visitor Info-point on Via Garibaldi and grab lots of booklets/pamphlets to find out what’s going on in Torino.

Last week, Carlo and I went to the Extravaganza Mercato in Piazza Carlo Alberto. This particular Mercato is there every 2nd Saturday of the month. (except July & August)


The caption in the booklet reads:


For lovers of everything vintage and period pieces: clothes, accessories, fashion jewelry, furnishing items, knick-knacks, musical instruments.


This Mercato had lots of great stuff. I can’t wait to see what they will have in September when it opens again.


Afterwards, Carlo and I went back to our new favorite Gelateria that I previous mentioned (here). We’re quickly becoming friends with the owner and look forward to many more gelati with him!


Gelateria Vanilla

Via Palazzo di Città


  1. very interesting mercato!!! in my little town there is a saturday market with food and clothes and (in summer) there is a market with sweets, strange things, little souvenirs and other silly things! 😀


  2. Fun stuff! I LOVE that gray dress that was hanging in the one picture! I would have totally splurged on that and made Matt take me somewhere where I could wear it. lol


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