What it means to be Poor…. but Happy in Italy

When Carlo and I met, he always kept asking me if I would be ok if we were poor. I don’t mind it at all. You can’t miss what you can’t afford….. right? In the U.S. we were both working and making good money. We used to have a saying…

In the U.S…. we’re Broke and Crappy.

Broke: because we were saving as much as we could to prepare for our move/life in Italy.
Crappy: because we always felt tired… you know… just BLAH!!!

In Italy…. we’re Poor but Happy

Poor: because I don’t have a job yet.. and because everyone in Italy is poor
Happy: well, because.. WE ARE!

So, while y’all are out eating burgers or Pizza, think about us….. eating only what we can afford…

Prosciutto Crudo & Melone
a lot of fancy restaurants will change big bucks for this appetizer.
I think I paid €3 to make this.
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma & Prosciutto Cotto
Asiago & Emmentaler formaggio w/a freshly baked Tartaruga roll
On Sundays, Carlo and I always go for our passeggiata and this time… we found a new spot!! Laura (my cognata) has been asking us to go to her favorite Gelateria. She kept saying that it was cheap but really good. We finally made it there last week, and we were NOT disappointed. So, we made it a point to go back today… FOR DINNER!!
Gelateria Gelartica
the lines were out the door

crowd inside waiting to order
Sunday night dinner
only €2,50 for a LARGE cone with 3 flavors!!

My cognata said they give you alot….
THIS is why we ate gelato for DINNER!!
We continued our passeggiata to Parco della Pellerina to help digest our massive dinner.

Don’t you feel bad for us poor folks?!?!?!

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