Torino: Nightlife and Egyptian Museum

The following pictures are the conclusion of Joni’s visit to Torino. She left on Monday morning which was actually not the original plan. Joni has to fly stand-by wherever she goes and looking at the booking details she realized that she wouldn’t be able to get home on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Saturday night we went to Mamma Adelasia’s for dinner and met with some friends downtown for some gelato. We met at the Gran Madre and enjoyed a walk over the bridge to Piazza Vittorio Veneto. This particular piazza is THE place to go for a good time. I think there were probably about 300+ people there. There was no festival… it was just Saturday night.

Monte dei Cappuccini

clubs/bars along the Po River

Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio

friends of a friend of our friend (does that make sense)
Sunday afternoon we decided to head downtown for our passeggiata.

of course no trip to Torino is complete until you have Grom!

Joni in front of the statue of Dora

Chiesa di San Filippo Neri

the enterance of the Egyptian Museum
As we walked by the museum, Joni had said how much she wanted to visit so, we made that visit the highlight of the day. The Egyptian Museum in Torino is the 2nd most important collection in the world. (Cairo being the 1st)

This museum is so much fun to visit but because there is soo much, it would take all day just to read everything and really enjoy what it has to offer. Joni and I had a lot of fun especially as we started making up captions.

the explanation on this piece said that the Egyptians used to draw eyes on the coffins so the dead could see into the next life.

peek-a-boo…i see you

i work, i slave away… i get laid off

mamma, mamma….. senza mani
(mom, mom…. no hands)

no more clubs you y’all

time for a manicure!!!

importance of brushing your teeth twice daily…see how nice and white they are
(this caption goes to Tiffany of the blog Miffany)

hair extensions
Of course, everyone who comes to Torino, must see the Mole Antonelliana

Monte dei Cappuccini from the Mole

the Gran Madre from the top of the Mole

One thought on “Torino: Nightlife and Egyptian Museum

  1. I just know Joni, had fun. Will you take us to that museum? I would love to go there. I think I just saw one of my Gr. Grandmother’s cousin in the picture, grinding the corn meal for making corn tortillas. I liked the pic. of the mommy (mummy) and her pearly white teeth.


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