House Guest #2

I said good-bye to Jose & Lizzy on Wednesday (20th) and on Thursday my next house guest arrived. This time it was my friend Joni. She is currently working for United Airlines so, she was able to get a super duper deal for her trip. She’s only going to be here for less than a week so, we wanted to pack in as much as we could but, unfortunately, the train schedule doesn’t really work with our schedule this week.

But for now, we are happy just to be reunited and having fun in Torino.

when you arrive at our casa… you will be welcomed with a cold beverage of your choice and Internet Access!

Joni’s bag got lost so, until it arrived we had to go shopping for essentials
So we went to Via Garibaldi and had some Gelato at Venchi.

then we decided that Focaccia would be great after our gelato

she said she was thirsty, so I took her to the water fountain in Piazza San Carlo
Since we are soo close to the sea, we decided to go to Santa Margherita Ligure for the day. A roundtrip ticket from Torino to S. Margherita cost €27,50. We were there for 5 hours and it was plenty of time to see everything.. even to take a quick taxi boat to Portofino.

Italian Riviera

a statue of Vittorio Emanuele II

waiting for our taxi boat

Santa Margherita Ligure

I’m not sure what the occasion was but there were green balloons everywhere in Portofino

a statue of Christopher Columbus

Italians doing what they love…. Sun bathing

I still can’t get used to the fact that here in Europe, men wear speedoes and women will wear bikinis….even when they don’t have a bikini body

4 thoughts on “House Guest #2

  1. I can’t get over the speedos and bikinis either! I saw one big lady without her bikini top bearing her twins proudly like it was no big deal. Eeesh!
    I want to go to Santa Margherita Ligure so bad now! Your pictures have totally sold me! They’re beautiful.


  2. Now, I know what you can do for a living! Be tourist guide and photographer. You do a great job, and I know you enjoy it! As long as you stay close to home. Pictures are fabulosos. You and Joni look great! Ciao a Joni and tutti! Have FUN!


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