Portofino: Playground of the Rich and Famous

Early this week, the 4 of us (Carlo, Jose, Lizzy & I) took a trip to Portofino which is located in the Ligure Riviera. Like the Cinque Terre, Portofino is a small village with trail access to other towns near by such as Santa Margherita Ligure, Comogli & Rapallo.

It was THE place where Old Hollywood actors would go and vacation; Actors such as….. Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart & Tyrone Power.

It’s the perfect place to relax and do nothing!!

on the train

the view from Jose & Lizzy’s room

the view from the walking trail

walking in the piazza

Delfino’s Restaurant

relaxing after dinner

another view from the walking trail

washed up jellyfish

our hotel & private beach

this is what you do when you’re in Portofino….RELAX

sunday night entertainment in the piazza

alien jellyfish

carlo relaxing before he leaves
(he only stayed one night- the rest of us stayed for 2 nights)

Lizzy and a baby jellyfish

Lizzy and the wall of Jasmine

We had so much fun in Portofino. It’s only 3 hours from Torino so Carlo and I will definitely go back for a day trip, especially since the train tickets are only €28 for roundtrip.

6 thoughts on “Portofino: Playground of the Rich and Famous

  1. Che Bella Vista Panoramica! Your fotos are so Beautiful. Looks like you guys are on vacation year round. I like the purple jellyfish! Did you have any cactus pears? They’re a treat you won’t find at your local supermarket, ( I saw this in a film David McCallum filmed in Portofino)


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