A day in Torino

Now that my brother Jose has arrived in Torino, Carlo and I spent the day showing them around our city.

This morning, Pepe, Lizzy and I walked around the mercato before lunch. I think they really enjoyed seeing some of the everyday life in Italy.

live snails for sale

After our stroll, we went to Mamma Adelasia’s house for lunch. She made sure that they didn’t leave hungry.

which Lizzy & Pepe both enjoyed (well, at least that’s what they said)

Carlo and I decided to take them downtown to do some window shopping and get to know our lovely city.

on the metro **this sign is of a little bear sticking his hand in between the doors and saying.. “Ahiiiii!”**

Porte Palatine

the fountains at Piazza Castello

Palazzo Madama

Piazza Vittorio Veneto

the Po River

The Mole Antonelliana

“their kiss” at The Mole (explination at end of post)

imitating Rudolph Valentino

Piazza Solferino

Carlo and I had a great time with Jose and Lizzy. We hope they did too and aren’t too mad at uswithall of the walking we did!

**explination of kiss**

Jose & Lizzy were married in Washington D.C. and have this great picture with the Capital Building in the background. In the picture, he dips her and they are kissing. So, now that’s their thing…. doing their “wedding kiss” at city landmarks!


2 thoughts on “A day in Torino

  1. WOW! We just love all the pictures!I'm sure Pepe and Lizzy are happy to be there with you and Carlo, and you are the best tour guides. We especially love the pictures, taken at the Mole. Grazie, Mamma Adelasia for preparing il cibo per mia famiglia. Just know it was delicious & the pasticcini looked molto ricco! Ciao a tutti! Tanti Baci!


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