Happy Cinque di Maggio!!

Cinco de Mayo is the commemoration of the Mexican army’s defeat over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

This is one of my favorite holidays!! I think it’s because it’s really the only time we (Mexican Americans) celebrate our culture. In the U.S., we look forward to Cinco de Mayo, but we don’t really celebrate on September 16th. (Mexico’s Independance Day) So, no matter where I am… I always make it a priority to celebrate!

So 2 weeks ago, I was at church and I immediately told the Sister Missionaries that they should come over today for lunch. One sister is from New Mexico and the other is from Arizona. (we got a new Sis. Missionary 2 weeks ago) Being from the south.. I knew they were just as excited as I was to have lunch today.

So early this morning, I went to my little mexican shop to buy my goods. I was going to make either Taco salad or Tostadas.. which ever I would be able to find, but once I got there, I saw no tostadas or taco shells. I asked the lady and she said she could no longer get tostadas and that her taco shells hadn’t arrived yet. So I bought corn tortillas and made my way to the cheese shop except once I got there, they didn’t have yellow cheddar cheese so I had to settle for white cheddar.

One my way home, I contemplated what I was going to do and then it came to me… I’ll make my own taco shells!… But.. my corn tortillas were too small…… so… here’s what I did….

I put them in my cupcake pan,andballed up some foil, and made Mini Taco Shells. I baked them for 20 minutes and they came out pretty good. The edges were nice and crispy but the bottoms were kinda tough… so, I’ll have to improve for next time. Regardless of how they turned out..they were a hit with the Sisters! I made 20 mini shells… and I only have 3 left. It wasanalmost perfect meal!.. Almost perfect because I was missing one thing… sour cream… although, my friend at the shop told me a little secret to making sour cream here! I’ll be trying that very soon.I was so excited making my meal that opening a can of Old El PasoRefried Beans was like a holidayon it’s own! I never thought I’d be so happy eating cannedrefried beans.. it was almost like home!!

**Mini Taco Salad w/refried beans, ground beef (w/onions & garlic) lettuce, tomatoes, white cheddar cheese & guacamole**

6 thoughts on “Happy Cinque di Maggio!!

  1. Heeeey! As a matter of fact, I’m cooking beans today! Canned beans are ok, when you don’t have the time to cook them. You can spice them up and they taste deliciosos! Your mini taco shells are real cute and looked muy rico! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m glad you are keeping up with the tradicion. Viva, Mexico! Viva America, Viva Italia! Un Bacione!


  2. On Cinco de Mayo, I spent my giorno attending a Diabetes Training Class, I have to do alot of exercise, so today, mercoledi, I mopped with the music of the Mariachi Loco and Jarabe Tapatio. I gave the floors a good workout. I had fun! Thanks for the music!I’ll have to try it when I paint the walls, soon. Ciao tutti!


  3. Way to improvise, Sonia! The meal looks fantastic. I sympathize with trying to find particular items in Europe. Back in the 80's, when I'd go with my parents, we'd have to pack our own peanut butter & mayonnaise! LOL


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