Weddings: Italian Style

Yesterday, Carlo and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our friends Fabio and Mary. Since I took 161, I narrowed it down to 50 that I’ll post.

It was my first Italian wedding and it was exactly what Carlo said it would be. I definitely was not disappointed… or bored!

Parrocchia San Francesco D’Assisi
Piossasco, Italy
Fabio Mangani
The Groom

Fabio and his aunt

Mariangela Vitolo
The Bride

I was lucky enough to get a front row seat… right next to Mary’s Mom

Carlo was one of Mary’s Witnesses

Once the ceremony was over, I went outside to wait for the happy couple.
At the bottom of the church steps were baskets with bags of rice.

Once Carlo came out of the church, he took control of the camera so that I could throw rice.

After the ceremony, it was time to leave for the reception.. (which was an hour away)

Ristorante Principe Eugenio
Courgne’, Italy

One of the many great views from the Restaurant

The happy couple are going on a cruise for their Honeymoon so, each table was “labeled” as a city they will stop at during the cruise.

While we waited for the couple, we snacked on some appetizers

We (Carlo and I) hadn’t eaten since Breakfast (@9am) so, we were pretty hungry when we got to the reception. (6:30pm) Carlo said we were going to eat a lot… and that.. we did!!

Finally at 8:20pm, Fabio and Mary arrive at the Restaurant

Now.. it’s time to eat the Main Courses

Raw Beef with a celery & Parmigiano salad and balsamic vinegar

Duck with apple, tomato, raisins & pine nuts salad

Sea Bass, Salmon & Spinah roll with creamed Zucchini

Tagliolini with shrimp and zucchini

Potato Gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese

Beef with herbs, oven baked potatoes and grilled vegetables

Now…… It’s cake time!

After cutting the cake, Fabio and Mary had their first dance

before we have cake…

Raspberry Sorbet

Now.. it’s time for cake…

The bride tosses her bouquet

And also sings a song to her hubby

After all of that food.. they even had cookies… just incase you wanted some with your coffee

We had a great time and were one of the last to leave.. but we managed to make it home at a reasonable hour…. 2am!

To Fabio & Mary…



4 thoughts on “Weddings: Italian Style

  1. HI Sonia … WOW your first Italian wedding !!! Very nice, really ? the groom and the bride was very beautiful and also you and Carlo was very elegant ! …. and the cake … very tasty !!!

    Finally, do you know that I really like the new look of your blog ?
    bye bye see you ASAP !!!


  2. WOW! What an exciting day for you, and of course Mary and Fabio. Tell them I wish them all the best of luck, Having met them, I can truly say, they make a wonderful couple. She is a beautiful bride and Fabio a Handsome groom. I enjoyed seeing the pictures, the cibo looked delicious and so did the cake! AUGURI! You and Carlo looked wonderful, that sure was a lot of food you ate!


  3. Love the photos!!! I've only ever been to one wedding in Italy & it was an all-day affair. I recall having to be rolled out of the reception…okay, I might be exaggerating a touch. What an adventure you're on! Keep it coming!


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