Halfway to Citizenship!

Yesterday, Carlo took the day off so that we could run some errands. First on the list….
The Questura
(Police Headquarters)
I really don’t enjoy going to the Questura. One reason is because it’s not in the best area of town but mainly because it’s takes all day. First you have to get there really early in the morning to wait in line. The first line is for you to receive your numbered ticket. If you’re lucky, you get your number and go into the building. If you don’t get a number (because they’ve run out) then… you have to come back the next business day and wait in line again… and maybe you’ll get a number then… or maybe not!!!!
Once you get your number and go into the building, you have to wait in the waiting room until they call your number before you can be helped. This again… will take a very long time. (We once waited 5 hours just to get some fingerprints done!) Anyway, once they call your number then you can finally go through the rotating door and get what you need done.
Well, after 2 months (our last visit to the Questura was in Feb.), I finally received my Permesso di Soggiorno (Resident Permit)!!!!
So, after we leave the Questura, our 2nd stop was…..
The Anagrafe Office
(Office of Vital Statistics)
The Anagrafe office isn’t that bad.. sometimes. Usually you only wait about 15 minutes or so. Unfortunately, yesterday was NOT one of those days. Carlo and I waited 1-1/2 hours. Luckily Carlo and I learned from our mistake the last time we were at the Questura and brought books with us to read while we waited. Once it’s was our turn, we went to the window to be help and the lady got upset because we both needed something done and we should have each taken a number. She calmed down a bit but I could tell she was still annoyed. Carlo renewed his ID Card and I got one as well.
One thing we wanted to do but didn’t was get the Doctor’s assignment. I’m really not sure how this works so, I’ll elaborate when I actually get this done.
Now that I have done all of this… in 3 months, I can apply for citizenship! So of course, we’re not wasting time on that. I’ve already sent my Birth Certificate to Austin to get an Apostille. My friend Paige works for a company that handles Background checks for companies so, she was kind enough to send me a copy of my Criminal Record clearance. There are so many more things to do in the next 3 months….
But for now… I will celebrate! I now have my ID card, my Permesso and I also received my Codice Fiscale (Fiscal Code is the same as a SSN). I can officially & legally obtain a job!
Anyone want to join me in a celebration dance?????

7 thoughts on “Halfway to Citizenship!

  1. Sonia!
    I’m so jealous of your fabulous life in Italy! just today I was eating spaghetti (lean cuisine, to be exact) and I told Steve that that meal would have tasted a lot better if we were in Italy! Anyway, I wanted to let you know about all the website for the crayons it’s called: notimeforflashcards.com it’s an educational website for kiddos and the girls has the BEST ideas! the wreath was on TIPJUNKIE.COM pass them along!


  2. I applied for citizenship thru marriage 2 years ago. It took about 1 year and a half to get everything done so the consulate in Philadelphia to accept it.
    So I wish you good luck!

    I am hoping to get my citizenship in a year!


  3. Your description of the process of the Torino Questura is pretty accurate from my experience as well. We added in a 3 am arise and travel into Torino to stand in line outside in the snow with everyone else, who sounded like many of them had done the early morning pre line, 8 am line up a few times,so that we could get the last ticket of the day to get into the inner sanctum after standing another 3 1/2 hours inside. What a drawn out ordeal and I consider myself lucky compared to what many of these people had been through. Congrats for getting it all done so quickly and good luck on the rest.


  4. ih! i have found one of your comments in red’s blog (welcome to my life) and then i came in your blog! i speak (and write) a very bad english but i like to follow your blog!
    a presto!


  5. Oh, I remember those days and I feel for you! Having grown up in North America, I just never get used to how complicated the bureaucracy is here. Does it make any sense? Anyway, I have my Italian citizenship so I never have to wait in line at the Questura again.


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