Reason #23: Mercato

One of the many things that I love about living in Italy, is that I have a Mercato just a few blocks from our building. I see it everyday. Carlo’s mom and her friends go there at least twice a week. So, I thought it was about time I go for a visit.

Carlo and I usually do our passeggiata on Sunday but, we needed to go run an errand and before we knew it, we were walking through the Mercato.

I love that you can find ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! From fruits & veggies to meats & cheeses. Of course that’s not all…. I also saw some clothes, shoes, make-up and some really cute (and fake) Dolce &Gabbana,andPrada bags!

2 thoughts on “Reason #23: Mercato

  1. Hi Sonia e Carlo, nice to meet you ! … ora scrivo in italiano, che è meglio ;))))Sono Annarita (Red) di Welcome to my life: ero già passata a trovarvi qualche settimana fa, ma non avevo lasciato traccia del mio passaggio. Sono tornata ora e trovo un blog con il look rinnovato (molto bello, bravi!) e con delle fantastiche foto della mia amata Torino! Che dire, grazie per avermi linkata sul vostro blog, io farò altrettanto e sono già diventata una vostra lettrice. Ora vi saluto e vi auguro di trascorrere una buona domenica ! Inutile dirvi che vi aspetto da me !!! ciao


  2. You’re so lucky! I’m so glad you found another place, that you can walk to buy your goods. Wish I could do that. Here in Death Valley I have to get in the car just to go somewhere to walk. Ciao tutti!


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