The Passeggiata

Not long ago, I started to list the reasons why I am really enjoying life here in Italy. I thought I would write them down and as I experience them, I’d blog. So, here we go!
#22: The Passeggiata:
As I mentioned before, Carlo and I have chosen Sunday afternoon for our walks together and that is exactly what a Passeggiata is…. a walk/stroll.
This time, we decided to go the Centro and do some window shopping. (We’re both in need of light jackets) We did our Passegiata down Via Garibaldi. Everyone was out! Walking, eating Gelato, Window shopping and just enjoying the nice weather.
We happened to walk by Piazza Palazzo di Citta and saw a Market. So we browsed around and found some great home decor items that we want to buy for the house. This market is in the Piazza on the 3rd Sunday of the Month. Carlo couldn’t wait a whole month to come back, so we bought some Cheese.
Carlo- enjoying his Cigar and Beer
We also past by the Mexican market so, I took a picture so that y’all can see my new favorite shop!
After walking around for about 2 hours, we decided to stop and get some Gelato! Since it was a warm day (in the 60’s) I decided to try some of the fruit flavors.

Me- eating a kiwi & pineapple gelato
Something we see regularly are street performers. So as we ate our gelato we saw this “band”.
As we made our way to Porta Nuova, we walked by this….
It’s days like this that I really enjoy living in Italy and I really DON’T miss Texas. (except family, friends, and food)
here is a video of the “band” playing.

2 thoughts on “The Passeggiata

  1. Que bien pasaste la passagiatta! I’m happy ya’ll had a wonderful day. You took very nice pictures. I love the Mexicolors at the store. The gelato looked delicioso! The video clip seemed like I was there. Ciao, Ciao! Tanti Baci!


  2. Sweetie, I have just been reading through your recent posts, what an adventure you are having!!It is wonderful to hear all about your time there – believe me when I say it’s very informative and gripping – even you hear about your wet socks (as it also reminds me of home ;o) )Will e-mail soon – you take care, big hugs to Carlo Shel xxxxxxxx


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