#58’s very own… Fred Mertz

You know Fred Mertz right??
Well, here at #58, we have our very own Fred Mertz! That’s right!! We too, have a man who controls the heat just like Fred.
Now, a little background about this. I have been told that most (if not all) buildings have controlled heat. So, from mid October to mid March the heat is turned on in the building. During that time, the heat is set on a timer.
Now… I’m sure all the other buildings having their own schedule but ours.. changes all the time. Yesterday, the heater was turned on at 6:45am and was shut off at midnight. (which is very unsual) When it was snowing, Fred had the timer set for 6:30am- 9:00pm!!!! Which means.. at night, it’s about -7°C (19° F) outside and we have NO HEAT!!
We are so lucky to live on the 9th (top floor) of our building. We have one of the best views of the mountains and Superga. Unfortunately, because we’re at the very top, the water from the furnace doesn’t quite reach us, so our heater doesn’t produce enough heat.
One day, Fred came up to check our heater. (After Carlo had to call him repeatedly) He came up and said….”The Furnace is at 90° C (194° F). It’s at it’s max. I can’t turn it up anymore. It’s a pity you bought this apartment. I wouldn’t have bought it. You won’t get any warmer than this, you’ll just have to use a lot of blankets”…. This comment made Carlo quite upset. So, after some investigative work, we found out, we aren’t the only ones freezing. There are people on the 4th floor who are just as cold as we are.
The only thing to do… is get a small space heater. So, if you were thinking of coming to visit us during the winter months you have 2 choices…
1- You can stay in our apartment and freeze!
2- You can stay at the 4 star Holiday Inn which is only 5 blocks away.
**I posted this because right now, (March 5, 2008 @ 1:34pm) it’s 3°C (37°F) outside and our heater will only go to 19°C (66°F)!!

4 thoughts on “#58’s very own… Fred Mertz

  1. Yes it’s 80 here too…We have 3 space heaters collecting dust…Should I pack one up and send it to you? LOL…well spring will soon be here! Layer on the blankets and layer the pj’s!


  2. Maybe, you should ask Lucy to come over. She could come up with a better idea. Let me know when it gets warmer!


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