Parlo Italiano!

Now that Carlo and I are starting to entertain, we’ve decided that we need to go all out with our dinner. So, what does that mean for me??? That means, that I have to go out and buy the Antipasti like cheese and Prosciutto. Since I have no idea what to get or how much to get, I had to ask Carlo to help me.

So yesterday, I went to Sma with my “cheat sheet” of phrases to say. I got to the counter and waited for my turn to order. I was so nervous that I had to pull out my little sheet to read it again so that I knew what to say. When it was my turn to order, I proudly asked the lady for my 2 etti e mezzo of Prosciutto. Then she asked me if I needed anything else, and I said yes and gave her the names of the Cheeses I wanted. When she was done, again, she asked me if I needed anything else and I said, “No, Basta cosi”. She handed me my items and said “Grazie”. I was so happy and excited that I forgot to buy the Mozzarella for the pizza.
Last night, we had some friends come over for dinner. Stefano is a friend of Carlo’s from Elementary school. He came over with his daughter Giulia and his girlfriend Tatiana. Stefano speaks English and Giulia knows it but doesn’t speak it much. As Carlo and Stefano were talking amongst themselves I had no choice but to start speaking Italian. If I didn’t know the words, I would ask Giulia in English and she would tell me in Italian.
I had no idea that I could actually speak Italian!!… Well, kind of. I have been so worried that I can’t speak the language or answer back that I haven’t realized how much my brain had absorbed. I still have a long way to go but, according to Giulia and Tatiana, I did great!

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