Making my home a little more MEXCELLENT!

This past Wednesday, I had the chance to walk around downtown Torino with a sister from my ward. Maeiko has been in Torino for 4 years with her husband and daughter. We had decided to get together and walk around the city. She had mentioned that she found a Cheese shop that sells Cheddar Cheese!! So of course, we went there and to my delight, they also have Feta Cheese!! That makes me so happy. Now I can cross those 2 items of my “Can’t find in Torino” list. Next more window shopping and a search for Tex-Mex items. So she took me to another store that has import items. So, if I ever want Campbell’s Soup, I know where to go.

*I had to take a picture of the Tex-Mex items I found.

As we walked, I happened to notice a sign in a window that said….”Tortilla de Mais”… which is… “Corn Tortillas”. I was so excited that I had to go in. I FOUND BLACK BEANS!!!!! I was soo excited I bought a can, even though they were kinda expensive. (but everything here is expensive) I also bought some aluminum Christmas ornaments!

*These remind me of home! My mom has these in her dining room.

The rest of the day we spent walking to the Asian shops where I found Vanilla Extract and Cumin!!! I didn’t buy them just yet, because it’s not something I need at the moment. I also wasn’t sure if the Vanilla Extract was the same as what I get at home.

Now, if I can find some shortening, baking powder and baking soda…. I can start making some serious food!!

Once I got home, I debated where to put my Christmas ornaments. I decided to be like my mom…. and put them in my dining room.

*above the door that goes out into the balcony

I don’t know about you… but I think they make my house look Mexcellent!

4 thoughts on “Making my home a little more MEXCELLENT!

  1. Sigh of relief! Yay for Tex Mex! I can’t live without it, especially my Tex Mex hubby and all of our little Tex Mex’s! Omg! I had no idea you were living without cheddar cheese! How are you still alive? LOL! Love the Mexcellent decor so you don’t forget where you came from!


  2. MEXCELLENTE! 1 2 3 OLE! YaYa, don’t know if you were with us at CiCi’s one time, but there’s this lady that cleans the tables (mexicana) she goes around shouts 1 2 3 OLE! She makes people laugh! Some just look at her, I say she’s happy she has a job! Love those Christmas decorations. I just gave mine to Julie, she mentioned she wanted some, so I gave her mine. I’ll have to get more. Yours look real pretty over the door. I’m glad you found that store. 1 2 3 OLE! Give me a chiamata on Domenica. I’ll be en CASA! Ciao tutti! Tanti baciones!


  3. So Happy to hear that you are finding things dear to you, little by little. As for baking powder, try Lidl if you have it near you, baking soda is bicarbonato, and for shortening, if you have the time, buy some “scorcita”, render the fat very slowly in the oven, cool it off, and viola “Shortening”. Happy baking!!!!


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