Crazy Carrefour Shoppers Scare ME!!

This morning, I woke up with the intention of going to the store and buying my groceries. So, I showered, got my Gimi ready and headed out the door. I went to Carrefour (which is like a Wal-Mart) on Corso Monte Cucco. (that’s a fun word to say)

Anyway, as I approached I noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot. As a got closer I see people just standing around. Since it’s Monday, they open at 12pm.**

**side note- almost ALL the stores are closed on Sundays. Most stores are open on Mondays BUT are usually open half days.

I had 20 minutes until the store would open. No one was really in too much of a hurry to get it so, people were just sitting around reading the papers. One of the managers decided to open the doors but, we couldn’t go past the information desk until the store officially opened. So, the lady at Information gets on the loud speaker and says.. “Employees, it’s is 11:50. 10 minutes until we open”. Five minutes later… “Employees, it’s 11:55. 5 minutes until we open”. At 12:00…… nothing.

I see it’s getting really crowded now. People are trying to squeeze by me just to try to get in front of the herd. One man starts asking the manager what the problem is. “you say 10 minutes, then 5 and now it’s 12. what’s the problem” I think to myself how funny this all is. I’ve never seen so many people get so anxious to get their groceries. Finally at 12:10 the lady at Information say..”Employees, the store is now open”. All I heard was everyone speaking at once.. saying things like “finally” or “it’s about time”. People were almost pushing each other just to be the first in line for the cheese counter or deli.

I tried to get away, but I too almost got run over. These people are crazy! Never again, will I go there on a Monday at 12:00.

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