A day in Rivoli

Our Sunday afternoon tradition continues with a walk through the town of Rivoli which is located about 14 km west of Torino. The best way for us to get there is with the bus. We walked to the start of the #36 line and took that to the very end which is conveniently downtown Rivoli.

We met our friend Dennis so that he could show us around “His City”. Dennis is a friend of ours that Carlo has known for about 9 years. Dennis came to Italy for work in 2000 and he and his family have been here ever since. Unfortunately, just as we are arriving and settling in Torino, Dennis is moving to Waco, Texas and then possibly to Atlanta, Georgia.

This Sunday, there was an Open Market. There were booths on everything from food, to clothes, to DVD’s to antiques. It was wonderful just to look and enjoy the life around you.

Walking through the streets of Rivoli, we approach the top of the hill. Not only does it overlook the city, but also the ENTIRE city of Torino.

We’ve been told by Dennis that once a month, the city has the Open Market. I haven’t quite figured out which Sundays but we will definitely come again.

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