Walking around Torino

Carlo and I now have a routine that we are really enjoying. We have chosen Sunday as the day to take a nice long walk around our neighborhood. We’re doing this for 3 reasons.

Reason #1- To spend more time together. Carlo usually leaves for work at 7:30am (I’m still sleeping) and comes home around 7:00-7:30pm. That’s not a lot time to spend with him during the week. On the weekends, we’re so busy running errands or working around the house, we don’t have time to just sit and talk.

Reason #2- Exercise. We used to go to the gym together but until we can do that, we thought taking a stroll would work too.

Reason #3- For me to familiarize myself with the streets of Torino. That way, I won’t be afraid of getting lost and I can find my way around without any problems.

So, yesterday we took a walk to Parco Ruffini. It was nice to see families out enjoying the nice weather. It’s not something we see a lot in the U.S.

Walking along Corso Brunelleschi we saw this cute little Chess set up
Parco Ruffini
Carlo’s comment: “This is where you’ll find me when I get old like these guys”

Life size Chess Board

One thought on “Walking around Torino

  1. This is where we’ll bring your father, at Parco Ruffini. He needs to make friends his age. He’ll have to learn how to play chess. Ciao tutti.


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