It’s a Girl!!

LOCATION: St Paul Hospital, Dallas, Texas, USA
DATE: Friday, February 3rd, 1978
TIME: 5:00 am
WEIGHT: 8 lbs. 1 oz.
Name: Sonia Laura
Proud Parents: Jose & Martha
Siblings: Julie
(other siblings born 1979 & 1980)

That’s right… today is all about……

That’s me.. in the Middle. It’s the only time you’ll see me in an outfit like that!
As you can see, my love for Hats, purses and shoes started at a very young age.

Since today is my special day, I decided that I would take a walk in my new city, Torino.

I started off by taking the metro to Porta Susa and walking along Corso San Martino to Piazza Statuto. I realized pictures would be great right now.. so here you go.

One of the many advantages of living in a big city is that is fun to window shop. Since Valentine’s day is just a couple of weeks away, most of the pastry and bakery shops are decorated with Baci. (Italian for Kisses) These are by far, my favorite Italian candy. So, as I walk underneath the beautiful Baroque portichoes..

it’s pretty typical to see street performers. Sometimes it’s these people acting as statues, other times it’s an older man sitting on a stool playing his accordion. At the end ofPiazzaSatuto we arrive at Via Garibaldi.

This is one of the best places to people watch (in my opinion) You have friends, families, couples, old and young walking arm and arm enjoying their day, enjoying their life. Once I reached the end of Via Garibaldi, I arrived at Piazza Castello. The city is currently cleaning the statue that is in the middle of the square so I didn’t take a picture of it today. For lunch, I enjoyed a very delicious slice of Focaccia Pizza with Pancetta.

Itwassoo good. I thought of my mom while I ate it. (we had some in September when we came to visit) So, I continued on my way, enjoying my pizza, until I reached my favorite piazza, Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

One of the best things about walking around Torino during the daytime, you’re practically alone, well exept for the older folks who don’t work anymore. I continue on my journey and window shopping taking pictures. I decided to check out H&M and on the way back walked through Piazza San Carlo. Thispiazzaislocated in the middle of my new Mecca.VIAROMA.

Via Roma- like North Park on Steroids (Dallas reference for my hometown pals)

Please say hello to my friends… Giorgio & Hermes

On Via Roma, not only will you find Giorgio & Hermes, but it’s also home to other stores such as:
Salvatore Ferragamo
Louis Vuitton
and many more!

By this time, I’m ready formydessert. There’s only 1 place I want to go to celebrate my Birthday

That’s right… I went to GROM…AGAIN!

Only this time, I didn’t have Gelato. I went for something a little more dangerous. I had an Extra Dark Hot Chocolate and it was everything I imagined it would be.

For dinner, Mamma Adelasia made us a fantastic dinner! First Minestrone!

then.. Arrosto!

For dessert… Crostata!

Carlo’s elementary school teacher also joined us for dinner. She gave us a crystal candy dish as a belated wedding gift.

My first birthday celebration in Italy… and it was perfect!

4 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!!

  1. YaYa, I love all your pics. I felt like I was with you the whole time. Thanks for the wonderful day. I really enjoyed myself being with you today. The dinner was so good, and the crostata delicious. I remeber Carlo's teacher. Thank Adelasia for the dinner and tell her I felt like I really was there. I especially enjoyed the stroll thru Via Garibaldi. I know it was your special day. It was for me too, the day you were born. Every year you celebrate your B-day. I celebrate it too, and I thank our Heavenly Father for sending me such a special and beautiful baby. Thanks for the baby pics. you sent me and the beautiful & happy memories. It takes me way back. Love You! Ciao tutti. By the way the Pizza was delicious and I had gelato while you enjoyed your choc., you did let me taste your chocolate! Yummy!


  2. Ciao! The hat you’re wearing on the pic. with the doll was your gr. grandmother’s (daddy’s mother) She wore hats to church . Love Mom aka Anonymous


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