Working Out: Italian Style

Monday, 12 January 2009

I knew that when we moved to Italy I would have a lifestyle change and that’s OK with me. I’ve been here too many times to not know what daily life is like. Last September, my mother came with Carlo and me to Turin so that she would know exactly what I would have to encounter on a daily basis.

Well today, I had my first solo shopping trip. First I went to Upim to turn in my application for their discount card. I’m going to compare Upim to Kohl’s. You can always find something nice and at a good price. Handed the girl my “Modula per la carta de sconto” and in return, she gave me a discount card and said, “Ok, tutto bene”. Hooray!! I did it all by myself! OK, next…. Sma. Let’s say that Sma is like a Minyards. I went to the Information Desk and handed the girl my paper. She gave me back a card and said it’s ready to use. Hooray again!! So, I did my little shopping.. ya wanna see my list??

Dried Onions (spice section??)
Prosciutto cotto – 2 etti di prosciutto between €12-15 /kg
Black beans
Feta cheese?? (if they have it)
Bread (Mulino Bianco)
Milk (1)

Not a lot of stuff but, I couldn’t find black beans OR feta cheese…. DO THESE PEOPLE NOT LIKE FETA CHEESE???? It’s awesome stuff. Anyway… I also bought some Salame for my lunch tomorrow.

So, I check out and it cost me €27,34. I bag my groceries in the bags I brought with me. (in some stores, not only do you bag your own food, but you either bring your own bags or pay for a plastic bag.)

I walk back with my bags and with my ipod on (just like all the other kids/young adults) and I realize, that I’m hot. I’m sweating under my coat and hat and I’m still 7 blocks from the house. I’m starting to get uncomfortable and my glasses are starting to fog up a little from the cold/heat. So, when I finally make it home, I take off my hat and coat and the back of my sweater is wet from me sweating. Not only that but my forehead/hair is all wet and sweaty.. and I have hat hair! I guess that’s the price I will have to pay for living in Turin.

On the up side.. I can finally fit into my favorite pair of jeans again.

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