The Greatness that is Church

Sunday, 11 January, 2009

Today was my first Sunday in my new ward. It was unbelievably amazing. I took the #33 bus which is on the corner of my block and drops me off 3 blocks from the building. I leave the house at 8:58 and I’m at the stop 2 minutes later. The bus arrives at 9:02 and at 9:20 I’m already taking off my coat in the building and meeting the Sister Missionaries. They are so cute and excited about everything.

Immediately, they introduce me to my new bishop who speaks a some English. (hooray!) I met a girl named Tiffany who is in Turin as a nanny. She’s been here for 8 months and leaving in February for Seattle.(she speaks very little Italian) Turns out, there’s 2 families in the ward from the U.S. One guy (who I can’t remember his name) works for Alenia Space and another family (last name Moore) from Kentucky who arrived in September. He works for Fiat. I spoke to Bethany (the wife) and she also speaks no Italian like me. (hooray) In fact, Sorella Booth (one of the sister missionaries) asked if I wanted a headset so that I hear sacrament in English. I declined… I need to hear Italian!!! I also met a very nice couple. They are Roberto and Francesca. They asked me to sit behind them with Roberto’s mother. (The row was only 2 seats) Anyway, both of them speak English pretty well, and Roberto was actually the one translating for the one using the headsets. Both Bethany and Francesca asked if Carlo and I needed help moving or getting settled in and said that once we were set, we should meet for a dinner.

– I found the church with no problem
– I gave the ward clerk my info to transfer my records
– Roberto said he would make sure I had Home Teachers/Visiting Teachers
– I made new friends
– I feel right at home!

When I got home, Carlo was still in bed sleeping (at 1:15pm) and I was so excited that I had to tell him about my day. Not only was he happy that I made new friends, but when I said, “When we have furniture…”, he actually finished my sentence for me and said, “we should have them over for a dinner.” (hooray) I love it when Carlo and I are thinking the same things!

So, now that I’m sitting here recounting my day, I realize how lucky I am. Not only to have a husband that supports me with my Church and all that it includes but also to be able to go into any church in the world and to have people welcome me with open arms.

PS… Do you know how hard it is to sing, “You Can Make The Pathway Bright” in Italian??

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