Shopping made easy

Thursday, 15 January, 2009

Last night, Carlo and I did a bit of grocery shopping. Now, if you look at the last blog post, you’ll see that I just went to the store only 3 days ago. Well, that’s because we are all about freshness. We pretty much only needed to get a few things but this time, we went to Carrefour. (like Wal-mart)

This time carrying our groceries were much easier. Not because there were 2 of us.. no.. because of our Gimi Carrello. Carrello is Cart. Gimi is the brand name. So, our Carrello came in handy when bringing back 8 liters of milk, 3 boxes of pasta, meat, cheese, panettone and more…

My Gimi is pretty fancy. He’s got 3 big wheels. That’s so I can easily drag it up the stairs. I still get a great workout with Gimi. Especially when it’s packed full of food.

2 thoughts on “Shopping made easy

  1. I love those carts with wheels like that! I dont’ know why, but they’ve facinated me ever since I saw “Hannibal” and Dr. Lector used a dolly with those wheels to move a person upstairs to gut and throw off a balcony…hmmm that probably was not what should have come to my mind when looking at your grocery cart…I hope that didn’t ruin it for you. lol


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