Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the fairest one of all??

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Not me…. That’s for sure. The answer to that question is: Carlo! This afternoon he hung our bathroom mirror.

This is a huge step for us. It’s our first official piece of home furnishings. When we went to IKEA last week, we brought back the mirror to hang. Now, for the past week we have been contemplating to buy an electric drill or just to borrow from someone. We ended up borrowing from one of his friends and finally hung the mirror.

Now the problem is, making sure we get the mirror perfectly aligned the first time. First he had to mark up my pretty bathroom wall with big dark ugly pencil marks (which he later said- “figure out how to remove those”). Then comes the drill. Now, if we were in the U.S. we could just use a hammer and some nails. But noooooo… we’re in Italy… We need a drill to go through the brick walls. As Carlo starts to drill, the noise is sooooo loud and bothersome that I have to walk away and plug my ears while standing in the kitchen. I can’t stand to listen to it. Finally the drilling stops.. after 10 seconds and we’re ready to put in the support screws. After 2 minutes, we’re ready for the mirror.

We hang it up and he says… “How’s that?”. It’s NOT straight! It’s as crooked as a question mark. 2 things came to mind. 1- I felt like I was in a fun house with those funky mirrors. 2- I guess we can call it Art. So, we take down the mirror, remeasure and this time have to go a few inches higher. Again… more drilling, more holes. I am praying that this works… and it does! Yeah… I finally have a mirror in the bathroom!

(see how our little mirror is held up by live electrical wires?!? not smart)
I realized that in this picture, the mirror looks crooked… it’s not. it’s just the angle i took it.

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