Because it’s Italy!

Friday,16 January, 2009

That’s Carlo’s answer for EVERYTHING!! It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about food or some decoration/knick knacks it’s always the same…. Because it’s Italy.

The Italian Alps (the view from our bedroom) covered in snow…
I say…. (because I am a child at heart)…. “oohh pretty!”
He says… “of course… why?? Because it’s Italy”
The trees covered in ice. (taken on our way to IKEA)…
I say… “ooohhh.. take a picture of the trees.. that will make a pretty picture”
He says… “of course… why? Because it’s Italy! You see the Mountains and how beautiful they are? Only in Italy.. not in Death Valley Texas”
This advertisement for a Whole Rabbit for €5,90 per kilogram….
I say..”eewww sick, Why does this Rabbit look like a cat? Which way is the head? Nasty. eeeeww…that’s just gross.” (it’s actually quite tasty but the gross is only referring to the actual picture)
He says….. “it’s just food. It’s Italy”
Our dessert last night. Chocolate Panettone. Now for all of my fellow Chocoholics… this is for you!…..
Panettone- a bread pastry
It’s basically a Chocolate bread torte with cream and chocolate cream filling. Then covered in a dark chocolate shell and topped with chocolate shavings. It’s was so good and so rich that I just had to have another piece with hot milk this morning for breakfast… I’m on a sugar overload right now. So, when we opened it last night..
I say.. “mmm.. it looks good”
He says…,,(laughing) “Unfortunately.. This is Italy too!”

anyone up for some Octopus??

One thought on “Because it’s Italy!

  1. AAAH! That was so gross! It made me want to hide all of my little bunny friends that hop around our apartment complex!Holy mite that bread looked amaza-zing though! I would gladly welcome my chocolate allergy if it was coming after eating some of that goodness!


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