Snow days are only fun if you’re in Texas

Thursday, 8, January 2009

It’s been snowing the last 2 days and as much as I love the snow, I’m ready for it to melt- which is what happened last night. Tuesday about 3am, it started to snow and it was steady until Wednesday afternoon. At that point, it was just rain and the snow started to melt. When Carlo got home, we went out to try to buy me some boots but had no luck. So, we hopped on the bus and went downtown looking for my church. Torino has 2 wards so far. I’ve been to the 1st ward, but when I called the sister missionaries, they said I would be in the 2nd ward. We found the building and then got right back on the bus to go home.

By the time we walked home from the bus stop, not only were cold, but also wet! To try to avoid slipping on ice, we ended up stepping in alot of puddles of muddy water, so our feet, socks, shoes were completely wet and freezing. So, we warmed up by having hot chocolate and crostatine and panettone for dinner. I’m not homesick at all.. but I miss Texas cold! At least, in Texas it would be a Snow day, Schools, & Business’ would be closed and I could stay home and drink hot chocolate and not be out walking in -7ºC weather.

Tuesday- Jan. 6th-

Walking the grocery store-
The playground behind our home- the kids were out playing in the snow

Wed. Jan 7th-

Woke up the next morning to find MORE snow

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