Farewell #2

Monday- December 22nd

I’m posting out of order.. I know, but at least I did it right?!?!!?

Anyway, our friends Mark & Shel sent out an invitation for a small gathering in our honor:

Our friends …… Carlo and Sonia are about to depart,

we don’t want them to go, without a good start..

You are invited to ours, for beers and for wines

to catch up and talk about all the fun times…..

We are so grateful for such wonderful friends. We had a great time and will miss everyone very much. These folks are very special to us. They are like family. They are Carlo’s friends from work so, most of them are from the UK or Italy. I know we’ll see them again someday but it was so hard to leave them. Once the night was over and we said good-bye to our hosts, I started crying once we started walking to our car. I managed to pull myself together to drive home but it really sucked having to say good-bye. Just writing this out is making me cry again, but it’s ok.. I’m supposed to do that! We took a group picture but, I don’t have it yet. Once I get it, I’ll post it.Thanks for the good times! We love you guys!!


One thought on “Farewell #2

  1. Your Blog is great. I loved seeing uncle Franco and all my (our) family in the video on your trip to Italy. It has been 30 years. I hope you are well and that you love Italy. Email me at tkisner55@yahoo.com Love, Troy Roberto Kisner


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