The packing continues…

Now that we’re back from Hawaii, we’ve resumed all packing. We counted 34 boxes with a total weight of 219 kilograms. It’s coming along very well, there’s just sooo much stuff… AND IT’S ALL MINE!!!! I never really realized how much I had until I started packing. Clothes, shoes, purses, knick-knacks, etc……

I’m just so happy I have my family to take it all away!!

34 boxes…the “must have” items going to Italy
All of my stuff on the dining room table….. I have no idea what to do with most of it.

While I was packing my clothes into my suitcase, Carlo took a nap…

With 1 huge duffel bag already full of clothes, I started on a big suitcase. Somehow, I put all of my clothes that I’m going to continue to wear, plus shoes and my Wedding Dress in this suitcase. I also realized I have soo much more.. I’m going to need a 3rd piece of luggage which does not include my carry-on for the flight…

So, I happily continue packing.. wearing protective gear: My veil..

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