Hawaii: by land, air, and now.. SEA!

Next on our list was a Submarine Tour of Waikiki Beach. The company we used ‘Atlantis’ built an artificial reef to help promote growth in the sea. With some of the changes in the environment, some of the fish are going extinct and the reef are dying. It’s really fun for 1st timers like us to go underwater and see what the divers see. It’s like your own Discovery Chanel for 45 minutes.

You actually do learn quite a bit while on this little adventure. I learned that the Green Sea Turtle is still on the endangered species list AND that the Parrot Fish eat the algae of dead coral reef, digest, and poop it out….. and it makes WHITE SAND!!!! So, now I know the next time I’m on the beach… I’m playing with FISH POOP! (actually, the Parrot Fish’s poop only makes up about 20% of all the sand in the Hawaiian Islands)

Anyway, here are some pictures and a short video we took. Aloha!

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