Bird’s Eye view..

For today’s activity, we took a Helicopter Tour of the Island. This is our 2nd Helicopter tour. The first was in New York City, October 2007. That was so much fun that when I saw this tour, I asked Carlo if we could do it again. This tour was only supposed to last 30 minutes and cover a small portion of the Island. We got upgraded to a 45 minute tour of most of the Island!!! (The western part of the Island is closed for military purposes).

We sat in the front and I got to sit next to the pilot! If you’ve never taken a Helicopter ride, I very highly suggest that you do so. It’s awesome. Carlo took 247 pictures in 45 minutes… I think it was a new record for him!!!!!! Anyway, here are some of the pictures…

4 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye view..

  1. Wow! I’m super jealous! Although we are having snow here right now! Yes even in Katy, TX! It won’t stick but it’s the first time in 4 years that we’ve had snow!


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