97c01-img_8564Well, we finally made it to Hawaii. For some reason, this flight seemed like it took FOREVER. We flew from DFW and had a layover in Denver then to Honolulu. In all, we spent 10 hrs flying!! That’s the same amount of time we travel for Italy!!!! What is wrong with this picture?? If we would have gotten a direct flight, it would have only been 8 hours.

But anyway, we got a rental car and drove to the hotel to rest and have dinner. We didn’t realize how close we were to the beach. Usually can’t believe everything you read on hotel websites, but we are literally 1 block from the beach! The weather is beautiful and perfect. I just hope I don’t have another incident. The last time I was in Hawaii, was 2004. Pepe and I were visiting Julie. I got this massive Heat Rash and I was miserable the whole time. This time I came prepared with some Aveno and Zyrtec!! We’ve got lots of stuff planned so there will be plenty of pictures, but in the mean time….. This is all we have.

The ‘Aloha’ sign at the Airport and the view from our Hotel.

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