It’s so hard, to say goodbye to 5 yrs, 9 months, 2 weeks, & 2 days

62265-img_8538Today, was my last day at North Texas Colon & Rectal. It’s been a wonderful job and I am going to miss my co-workers… (most of them) and the friends I’ve made at the hospital too. There are 3 people who I will especially miss….

Dr. Pendola, Dr. Lichliter, & Dr. Franko

It has been my duty to control the work lives of these 3 men. It’s been great and I know that they will be in good hand with Val who will take over on Monday. I almost made itthe whole day without crying, but about 3:30 my office manager told me that she was going to miss me and give me a Letter of Recommendation. I just lost it at that point because I knew that I really was goingto be missed. I was able to get it together to finish out the day.These 3 have an open invitation to our home in Turin and as I told them, I’ll be their tour guide and Carlo’s mom will be happy to cook all the food they can eat!!

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