See ya later U.S.A…… Buongiorno Italia

Well, as most of y’all know, Carlo and I are moving back to Italy. We’re not totally surprised but we had hoped to stay another 6 months.

Since we’ve got about a month left, we’ve really started to pick up the pace. I’ve started packing stuff into boxes that will be shipped to Italy. I’m selling/giving away things that I can’t take with me and Carlo is making all my appointments for my Visa and Resident application.

All of this takes time so, I had to resigned at my job and my last day is Wednesday 11-26. It was so hard writing out that resignation letter. I know I complained a lot but, I’m really really going to miss my Doctors. They were so much fun. More than anything, I’m going to miss MOST of the girls I work with. They gave me a little party on Friday. It was so sweet. They gave me this cookie cake that I cut into before taking the picture…

They took a group photo and then had it printed and framed which they gave me as a gift and of course a card which they all signed but I refused to read it until I got home so that I could cry in private. (but I actually didn’t cry)
I am going to miss these girls the most

Brandi, Heather & Jasmina… aka
BBG’s, Awesome, & Mina

These gals are the greatest friends ever. We’re the Sex and the City girls of North Texas Colon & Rectal. Everyone makes fun of us because we go to lunch and break together… we even leave work together (some days). Actually, I just think they’re jealous of our awesome friendship. I love these girls, I am really going to hate saying goodbye to them.So… back to my topic…. We’re moving. Am I ready? Not really. Am I excited? I guess. I’ve just been talking about it sooo much that I’m tired of talking. I’m ready to just do it. I’m ready to pack, ship, and move. It’s gonna be hard, but I really do think that I’m supposed to be there. I really feel that there’s a reason I was supposed to marry Carlo and move. I’m not sure what it is yet….. but I’m ready to find out!

One thought on “See ya later U.S.A…… Buongiorno Italia

  1. ValPal says:

    I can not believe my girl ann gave u the pic with me in it…well u hve my myspace page to look at. i want you to kjnow i will miss you very much. You are one of the people in NTCR I know has her stuff together and is real. You have taught me so much these two years we have known each other. You are a good person. Stay sweet n show them Italians how we do it in the states. Val Pal


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