See ya later U.S.A…… Buongiorno Italia

Well, as most of y’all know, Carlo and I are moving back to Italy. We’re not totally surprised but we had hoped to stay another 6 months.

Since we’ve got about a month left, we’ve really started to pick up the pace. I’ve started packing stuff into boxes that will be shipped to Italy. I’m selling/giving away things that I can’t take with me and Carlo is making all my appointments for my Visa and Resident application.

All of this takes time so, I had to resigned at my job and my last day is Wednesday 11-26. It was so hard writing out that resignation letter. I know I complained a lot but, I’m really really going to miss my Doctors. They were so much fun. More than anything, I’m going to miss MOST of the girls I work with. They gave me a little party on Friday. It was so sweet. They gave me this cookie cake that I cut into before taking the picture…

They took a group photo and then had it printed and framed which they gave me as a gift and of course a card which they all signed but I refused to read it until I got home so that I could cry in private. (but I actually didn’t cry)
I am going to miss these girls the most

Brandi, Heather & Jasmina… aka
BBG’s, Awesome, & Mina

These gals are the greatest friends ever. We’re the Sex and the City girls of North Texas Colon & Rectal. Everyone makes fun of us because we go to lunch and break together… we even leave work together (some days). Actually, I just think they’re jealous of our awesome friendship. I love these girls, I am really going to hate saying goodbye to them.So… back to my topic…. We’re moving. Am I ready? Not really. Am I excited? I guess. I’ve just been talking about it sooo much that I’m tired of talking. I’m ready to just do it. I’m ready to pack, ship, and move. It’s gonna be hard, but I really do think that I’m supposed to be there. I really feel that there’s a reason I was supposed to marry Carlo and move. I’m not sure what it is yet….. but I’m ready to find out!

One thought on “See ya later U.S.A…… Buongiorno Italia

  1. I can not believe my girl ann gave u the pic with me in it…well u hve my myspace page to look at. i want you to kjnow i will miss you very much. You are one of the people in NTCR I know has her stuff together and is real. You have taught me so much these two years we have known each other. You are a good person. Stay sweet n show them Italians how we do it in the states. Val Pal


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